DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 13


With the team coming together to rescue Connor and Garfield, Dick Grayson will return when Deathstroke decides to keep his promise.

Mercy Graves has finished her experiments on Garfield and Connor are is ready to sell Connor to the highest bidder. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of their new asset, she sends a mind controlled Garfield into a county fair to cause chaos so that Cadmus can step in and stop it.


Kory, Donna, Rachel and Dawn have decided to break into Cadmus to rescue Connor and Garfield. Unfortunately, Kory’s missing powers will complicate things. When they discover Gar has been unleashed, they go after him and Deathstroke attacks. Dick returns in full Nightwing gear and teams up with Rose to take down Slade and free Jericho from his mind.

With that fight over, the team heads to the fair to save both Garfield and Connor.

The season finale of Titans is the perfect example of what not to do. Every plot thread that has sped this season downhill rams this series right into the wall in this finale that is rushed in every way possible and unsatisfactory at best.


The biggest sin to this episode is the belief that the audience wasn’t paying attention. After building up Deathstroke as a world class threat to everyone individually and as a group, they end his storyline in a way that is completely unsatisfying and craps on the amazing performance Esai Morales has given all season. It was a cheap moment unworthy of the character and was worse than the Trigon resolution at the beginning of this season. I let that go for the sake of moving the story along, but I didn’t think they would repeat the same thing twice.


The second resolution or the Cadmus storyline was even worse. Getting Connor and Gar’s heads unscrambled was fine, but it should have been the side story like its been all season. Shoehorning it in at the end of the season was clumsy and it felt that way because the only solution the writers could come up with was to kill off a character in the most ridiculous way possible.

This finale made me angry (a rare thing) because of its lazy writing, lazy premise and rushed conclusion. Titans took everything interesting it was building and threw it away along with any plot elements that made sense.

Titans S02XE13




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