Harley Quinn

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 2

A High Bar

Harley is all set to begin her new life away from the Joker, but the rumors about how they left things will prompt both psychos to spin the story in their own twisted ways.


When the Legion of Doom questions who broke up with whom, Joker decides to go on TV to tell Gotham that he was the one who dumped Harley. Unfortunately for Ivy, this throws Harley into a rage and she immediately decides that she wants to join the Legion of Doom in order to get the respect of the villain community.


In Harley’s zeal to show the supervillains, including Scarecrow and Bane, that she’s doing just fine without Joker, she decides to crash a Legion party only to discover that it is actually the bar mitzvah for Penguin’s nephew. Trapped in a room full of teenagers, Ivy has her hands full after a persistent Kite Man poisons some of the kids with her pheromones.


This was an incredibly funny episode. The dynamic between Harley and Ivy and perfectly executed and I love Ivy as the straight woman. She is even given her own side story that is both compelling and funny. All of the performances in this episode are great and the jokes land perfectly with expert timing.


Harley Quinn S01XE02




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