Shock Shop #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Danny Luckert and Leila Leiz

Colors by Danny Luckert and Bill Crabtree

Letters by Nate Peikos

The Rundown: Two terrifying tales of the supernatural are presented to shock and delight.

Something In the Woods, In The Dark

After dealing with some pretty heavy domestic issues, Willa and Clark are convinced by their friends to take a camping trip in the woods. After some awkward conversation, the couple heads to their tent and tries to talk. Unfortunately, the conversation outside the tent quickly becomes about the estranged couple and when one of the group goes into the woods alone, he meets something with a familiar face and murderous intent.

A wonderfully dark story that brilliantly builds on character relationships and tension before revealing the dark elements of the story. Wonderful art and story make me excited to see what happens next.


Divorced dad Trevor finally moves out of his apartment and into a home he can share with his kids. Doing everything alone becomes daunting, but things get easier when he wakes up the next day and finds all of his things unpacked and put away along with a fresh pot of coffee brewing. When his kids come to stay with him, he shows them all the magic of his new home. Unfortunately, his belief in his supernatural friends hides its dark reality.

I absolutely love the tone of this story and its slow build up to a truly disturbing cliffhanger. A cliffhanger that was brilliantly executed visually by Leila Leiz.

Shock Shop #1



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