Blood Hunt #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Pepe Larraz

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The Earth has gone dark and an army of vampires spreads across the world.

All over the world, enemies and allies with a connection to the dark begin to spread that darkness out blocking the sun. To make matters worse, an army of vampires lying in wait begin to attack everywhere. Even the Avengers find themselves overwhelmed as they receive a message from Blade telling them he has information.

Afte recalling Blade to the Impossible City, the Avengers are attacked by members of the Bloodcoven following orders from a new leader. As the Avengers barely hold on and only a few manage to escape, Doctor Strange looks for a solution. Unfortunately, an old friend will prove to be a new and powerful enemy.

The Story: MacKay crafts a dark and thrilling first issue filled with some shocking moments for the heroes of Earth. The story immediately takes off with horror and suspense with the characters starting on the defensive against something they don’t understand. As the tension builds, MacKay delivers some fantastic moments of action along with a huge surprise that immediately got my attention as a reader. A surprise that had some great dramatic buildup throughout the issue.

The Art: Larraz delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The story is filled with great action and horror with the visuals matching that dark energy with beautifully detailed imagery.

Blood Hunt #1



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