Birds of Prey #9

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Jonathan Case and Gavin Guidry

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The birds find themselves in an alternate reality on their hunt for Batgirl.

After losing Batgirl during a fight, Canary and the rest of the Birds attempt to enter a portal that will bring them to a dark, twisted version of Gotham City. They proceed to look for Barbara through the streets and discover something strange when they finally find their friend. Something that could trap them in this world forever.

At the same time, Meridian finds herself back in the real world unable to travel through the portal. Knowing that her friends are possibly trapped on the other side, she decides to seek help from a former Bird in the form of Zealot and have her travel the dark dimension in search of the team.

The Story: Thompson continues to craft a fantastic story in this issue. The characters continue to be dynamic and engaging with wonderful moments between them as well as rapport and banter that makes me smile. I like the darker nature of this issue and how the characters navigate moments with Barbara before the big reveal. I loved the inclusion of Zealot again and look forward to seeing how she helps move the story forward.

The Art: Case and Guidry deliver some fantastic art in the issue. The visuals continue to be fun and compelling as they showcase the characters beautifully.

Birds of Prey #9



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