The Boy Wonder #1

DC Comics

Written by Juni Ba

Art by Juni Ba

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Damian Wayne’s journey to becoming Robin forces him to face his predecessors.

A young man is kidnapped and being held by a criminal that is clearly in over his head. When he is confronted by Robin, the boy wonder thinks back to his journey to becoming a hero in Gotham. A tale that will bring him back to the time before he became a part of his father’s journey.

Damian thinks back to one of his first adventures as a hero. An adventure that will bring him back to a mistake that defined his early days. A mistake that could still be haunting him to this day. A mistake that will require him to seek help from the Robins that came before him.

The Story: Ba crafts an engaging and compelling story for Damian in this first issue. I like how the story takes different elements to create almost a fable within it with Damian at the heart of it. I like how it is told through his perspective and shows the reader how he sees the members of his adopted family.

The Art: Ba delivers some great art in the issue as well. The visuals capture the thrilling tone of the story as well as the darkness within the character himself.

The Boy Wonder #1



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