Scarlet #5

DC Comics/ Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Scarlet has a message to the country and she discovers that there are people willing to listen.

The halls of power in the country are quaking with the news that Scarlet has disappeared. After her dramatic rescue, Scarlet finds herself in a military hummer in the streets of Portland.


After a pretty tense hand off and an even more intense border check, Scarlet and her new companions are making their way across the country to a rendezvous with a close family member of Scarlet Rue. Someone who she knows and trusts. Someone with revelations for the revolutionary.

As she’s taken to their secret underground base of operations, it is revealed that Scarlet’s revolution spread across the country after Portland. Cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and New York all followed suit and the power of Scarlet’s message has reached critical mass. After learning about how the country reacted to the events in Portland, Scarlet decides that they next thing she needs to do is speak to the people.

This was a brilliantly executed, thought-provoking series that culminates in this triumphant and inspiring finale. Bendis has created a wonderful cast of complex characters and situations that command the reader’s attention and both provokes and challenges the reader on many levels. There is so much to enjoy and admire in this series and the way the finale ends is the perfect opening for more engaging stories to come.

Alex Maleev’s art is beautiful. There’s a brilliant and sharp intensity to the art that is complemented by the amazing details and colors. There is so much energy in this issue through the art.

Scarlet #5




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