STL106089_1_1024x1024Books of Magic #3

DC Comics/Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler

Colors by Jordan Boyd

Letters by Todd Klein

Tim’s foray into magical protection has consequences that are causing him to lose sleep and more secrets are brewing with Dr. Rose.

After the magic he uses to protect himself causes a massacre, the three witches watching him realize that he is too dangerous to be allowed to live. At the same time, the guilt over his actions is causing Tim to have nightmares about things he can and cannot remember. Tim’s struggle with the prophecy about his powers becomes the focus of this issue and the psychological ramifications of what he did is handled well.


After Tim finds out that the body of his former teacher has been found, Dr. Rose accompanies him to the memorial while also giving him advice on how he can protect himself while sleeping. As Tim tries to find some sleep with his new guardian watching over him, Dr. Rose seeks answers from an interesting source.

This is a relatively quiet issue and that is what makes it work. The series is taking its time telling an interesting and engaging story and Howard does a great job of pacing this story and this issue to develop Tim as a character. Even the more quiet moments in the story have a sense of purpose to shaping Tim as a character as he struggles against whether he will be good or evil.

Dr. Rose continues to be an interesting and mysterious character. Her journey is something I would love to see explored more and her interactions with Tim continue to be fascinating because you still don’t really know what she’s after or why she’s helping Tim.

Tom Fowler’s art continues to add some impressive and detailed visuals to this story. There are several vibrant and well done panels that showcase the emotions of the characters in the scene as well as the beauty of the world of magic.


Books of Magic #3




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