Hawkeye Freefall #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Otto Schmidt

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Clint will cross several lines in his war against the Hood and nothing about his life will be the same.

Bullseye has stolen the mantle of Ronin and is wreaking havoc throughout the city. Even Captain America isn’t safe when he confronts who he thinks is Clint Barton and takes an arrow to the chest for his trouble. Hawkeye is desperately trying to save his hacker friend Bryce, but because of the kid’s past, he can’t take him to a hospital. Instead he takes him to the Night Nurse, who is not in the mood to see her ex.


After the Hood calls out Hawkeye to turn himself in, he puts a bounty on the former Avengers head. A bounty that brings out the heavy hitters spoiling to bring Barton down. Unfortunately for them all, Clint has other plans and takes his revenge against Hood to a darker level. One that will take him down a path no one may be able to being him back from.

The Story: Matthew Rosenberg brings this story to a dark, but satisfying conclusion. From everything that has been built plot wise, a happy ending would have felt cheap. This story was filled with Clint’s existential demons as well as his interpersonal issues and the plot was well done from start to finish. An exciting, dark and unpredictable conclusion that still retains elements of humor as well as surprises. Clint’s descent is captured through engaging dialogue and characters and the story practically begs for a sequel.

The Art: Otto Schmidt delivers some breathtaking action throughout this issue. The Hawkeye/Bullseye fight is fantastically brutal and the final confrontation with the Hood is satisfying all around.


Hawkeye Freefall #5




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