The Boys: Dear Becky #2

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Russ Braun

Colors by Tony Avina

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Hughie deals with the pull of his old life and a rift within Vought might give Billy and the Boys everything they need to take them down.


Hughie continues his quiet life in Scotland and decides to pay a visit to the graves of his dead parents. Not knowing what to do about the journal he was sent, he is concerned about constantly keeping secrets from the woman he loves.

Back in the US, The Boys gather to hear about a new team being put together by another wing of Vought. A team that is nothing like the superhumans they’ve been introducing to the public and when they find out what kind of team it is, the opportunity to hurt the corporation becomes a reality that is hard to ignore. Billy decides to pay a visit to the funeral of a superhero and confront the husband about information he’s going to gather for The Boys.

The Story: Slick, engaging and highly entertaining. Garth Ennis does a awesome job of evolving Hughie as a character and his conflicts are interesting to read. Billy and the rest of the team continue to have an awesome dynamic and Billy’s confrontation with Vikor is hilarious. Ennis does an awesome job of satirizing and skewering the concept of comic book anti-heroes and the story is so engaging that I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

The Art: Russ Braun does a great job with the art. The characters look amazing and the style is perfect for the tone and type of story Ennis is telling.

The Boys Dear Becky #2




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