Crone #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Dennis Culver

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Brad Simpson

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Bloody Bliss will find that her return to battle will not be on her terms and the return of her greatest enemy will be because of a personal betrayal.


Bliss barely survives her first battle back in the world of men and it will take the intervention of Gaspar Rogue’s people and his son to keep the warrior from death. After defeating the slavers and freeing the people they took, Bliss and the others find themselves with Rogue’s son and Bliss being groomed to be a figurehead of the resistance rather than being a leader of it.

When she attempts to sneak out of the camp, Rogue’s daughter reminds her of the warrior she used to be right before D’Kayde’s forces attack and the man himself enters the fray. Bliss prepares for the final battle against her enemy, but when he reveals himself, everything changes.

The Story: Crone continues to be an entertaining and fun series and this issue is engaging. Culver does a great job of creating and crafting this world with interesting characters that share a history worth exploring. Even though the twist in this issue became more obvious as the series progressed, the actual reveal was handled brilliantly and the moment was well executed. The dialogue is great and Bliss’ reactions to Rogue’s plans are perfect and show how the world has changed.

The Art: Justin Greenwood does some amazing work with the art in this issue. The characters look amazing and all of the action is beautifully brutal and filled with energy.

Crone #3




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