807333._SX1280_QL80_TTD_I Can Sell You A Body #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Ryan Ferrier

Art by George Kambadais

Letters by Ryan Ferrier

Release Date 1/1/2020

The Rundown: Denny Little has a unique gift and he’s been using it in ways that not only put him in the crosshairs of the mafia, but also allow for a new type of evil to come forth.


Denny Little has the ability to contact and talk to the dead. An ability that brought him fame until recently. Now he is barely scraping by giving readings to locals just to keep the lights on. To make matters worse, he took money from the mafia to utilize a new ability he’s discovered; the ability to transfer a dead soul into a new body.

Denny is tasked with finding a body for the dead father of a mob boss and he only has forty eight hours to do it. With time running out and Denny getting desperate, he tries to transfer the soul into the body of his assistant but something else comes through instead.

The Story: Ryan Ferrier tells a light, fun and interesting story in this first issue. There are some entertaining and engaging stakes involved with the characters. Denny Little is entertaining, but not that engaging as a lead. He’s funny, but lacks depth. It will be interesting to see if he evolves as a character throughout the series and there are hints of that with his meeting with Henrietta. The story and premise are entertaining and I like the world being established in this series as well as the immediacy of the plot.

The Art: George Kambadais brings a fun, light tone to the style of the art in this issue. The action isn’t huge and the art reflects that. This is a character driven story with supernatural elements and Kambadais complements that with art that is character driven.

I Can Sell You A Body #1




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