Criminal #11

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: On the night of the biggest score of his career, Teeg Lawless is going to have a run in with a ghost from his past.

Teeg Lawless has a bad feeling about this current job. Even with everything planned perfectly and an inside man feeding them the information that they need to pull off the heist, Teeg is still nervous. Everyone is in place and they are prepared, but the fact that the security guards are out of position makes Teeg nervous enough to make everyone go early.


The plan begins and the heist goes off as expected, but Teeg decides their inside man betrayed him and takes him out before the crew escapes with the crowd. Unfortunately, when Teeg and Jane make their way to the safe house before the rest of the crew, Teeg Lawless is going to find someone there with some unfinished business with the both of them.

The Story: Criminal continues to be an effective, entertaining and engaging series because Brubaker makes every issue character focused. What makes this series entertaining to the reader is that the story and dialogue never forget that the characters that make up this world are what is driving this narrative forward. These are not good people from Teeg to Jane and everyone around them, but Brubaker makes them so compelling you can’t help but to be drawn in by their exploits.

The Art: Sean Phillips’ film noir style continues to be the perfect complement for this story. There is a gritty realism to the characters and Phillips keeps out focus on them in the art.

Criminal #11




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