DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 11


Events get manipulated to bring the lady Titans together for a meeting while Dick comes to a disturbing revelation.


The men of the Titans are not faring too well with Gar being tortured and manipulated by Mercy Graves and Cadmus. At the same time, Dick Grayson is sick and continuing to deal with delusions of Bruce Wayne visiting him. When “Bruce” is not chastising his former ward, he is helping Dick come to a revelation about his last meeting with Deathstroke and its connection to Jericho.


At the same time, Rachel, Donna, Dawn and Kory are receiving strange messages through the media and visions that lead them to a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere and an unexpected meeting with the real Bruce Wayne. After finding out what’s happened to Dick, the ladies must decide whether or not they are going to rescue Dick or go after Gar and Connor.


As Dick confronts his doubts and inner demons in the form of a fight between he and Bruce, Jason reveals more about himself to Rose and the two of them get closer than she wanted. Close to the point where Rose calls Slade to tell her she’s out.

This episode started off strange and only got stranger. That can usually be a good thing, but it just felt disjointed in this episode before it got to the more interesting parts of it. The internal struggles with Dick were well done and should have been the focus of the episode. Even the Cadmus storyline with Gar was more interesting. Everything else felt like filler. This episode was better than the previous one, but not by much.


Titans S02XE11




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