Roku #2

Valiant Entertainment

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Ramon F Bachs

Colors by Stephanie Paitreau

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Roku and Elena find that protecting a special little girl will be both dangerous and annoying.


The strange little girl in their charge proves to be a fountain of knowledge when she reveals that she knows everything about Roku, including her real name.

The next thing she knows is that a trained black ops team is coming for her. A fact that becomes clear when the power to the hotel is cut. Roku will have to fight her way through the killers as Elena protects the girl from another enhanced killer that might prove too powerful for Roku to stop.

The Story: Great action and pacing. Characters that jump off the page and a plot that is interesting and engaging, Cullen Bunn builds on the momentum of the first issue by ramping up the action and adventure. Roku has an interesting back story that comes through with great writing both in the dialogue and the voice over. I appreciate the fact that her story is already in motion and we’re jumping right into it. It gives Bunn the opportunity to tell varied and interesting stories going forward. I look forward to seeing this story evolve as it moves forward.

The Art: The art by Ramon Bachs is fantastic. The characters and action leap off the page and there are some beautifully brutal and bloody visual moments throughout. There is a palpable energy to the art and that energy complements the tone of this story.

Roku #2




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