DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 8


In the penultimate episode of the season, the events that led to the dissolution of the first iteration of the Titans are laid out as Dick Grayson’s choices bring deadly results.


With the mandate to “be Batman” Dick befriends Jericho Wilson, the son of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Bonding with the rest of the team about their shared history of bad parents and messed up histories, the team questions whether using the kid is a good idea because they genuinely begin to like him. After finding out that Jericho has powers, Dick tells the young man the truth and gives him the choice to join them, which he does.

This act prompts Deathstroke to not only complete his original mission, but to go after the Titans for telling his son the truth about him. With the truth revealed, tragedy follows.


This season of Titans has had a good mix of main story, side story and back story. With this episode, they tie up a lot of the back story and that’s a good thing. What makes it even better is that the series can turn back to the present with everyone’s cards on the table. One of the things that had been missing for me this season was a concentration on the new Titans, especially Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire. Hopefully, the next episode puts the focus back on them and gives Dick a character arc that transitions him into a new type of leader for a new team.


The performances in this episode were great, especially Chella Man as Jericho. He brought real emotion and heart to the performance and his scenes with the team were that much more poignant as you started to feel for him the same way the Titans were. Esai Morales is fantastic as Slade Wilson. There are moments throughout this episode where you really question whether he’s the villain he’s made out to be and then he does something to remind you how ruthless and devious he is. A great performance.


Titans S02XE08




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