Undiscovered Country

Image Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orlandini

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Crank!

Mythological ideas and dark realities combine to form a new creator owned series from Image Comics about a very different America than the one we know…..or is it?

Writers Scott Snyder (Justice League, Dark Nights Metal) and Charles Soule (The Oracle Year, Anyone) present a new, unique vision of the United States in their new Image Comics series Undiscovered Country coming this November. After reading the first issue of this series, I’ve chosen it as the first entry into our Sequential Standout as one to watch and a definite choice for anyone’s pull list.


With gorgeous art from Giuseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orlandini, Undiscovered Country tells the story of a future where the world is in peril from the affects of a man made viral attack. Scientists and governments around the world are unable to find a way to stop it, but hope arrives in the form of a message from the United States offering a cure. An elite team is chosen to travel to the US in order to make contact. The only snag is that the United States has been walled off and there’s been no contact with the country in years.

When the team finally reaches the wall, they find a very different America than what they’ve learned about or experienced. An America that is filled with wonders to behold and terrors to freeze the soul.


Everything from the concept to the mysteries established in the first issue are great. I immediately want to know more and I love how the message used to lure them to the US pays off with the conclusion of the issue. The best thing about this first issue is that it does exactly what you want, it opens a new world of ideas and mysteries that are compelling with visuals that are stunning. I really want to deep dive into this story and this world. The story and concept are thought-provoking in the best way. You can see how it touches on who we are a country, how the world sees us (both positive and negative) and the ways we could be the darkest aspects of ourselves.

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What makes the series standout is not just the new landscape of America (which is filled with beautiful and disturbing imagery from Camuncoli and Orlandini) and the people and creatures that inhabit it, but the characters are compelling as well. According to Scott Snyder; “Each issue focuses on a different character.” This is great because it allows the reader to become immersed in the story through the characters and their perceptions. I’m excited to learn more about these characters and how they will evolve based on their experiences in the new America.

Undiscovered Country is a bold, interesting and thought-provoking new series that infuses engaging characters and conflicts into a story filled with mystery, action and adventure. The first issue is coming from Image Comics November 6th and I recommend everyone pick it up.

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