The Silver Coin #9

Image Comics

Written by Vita Ayala

Art by Michael Walsh

Colors by Toni Marie Griffin and Michael Walsh

Letters by Michael Walsh

The Rundown: A corrupt cop with a taste for arson will find himself getting burned by the silver coin.

A police detective with some really bad habits finds himself owing money to the wrong people with no way to pay it back. Thankfully, the guy he owes has a solution and doesn’t give him much of a choice in whether or not to take him up on his offer. An offer that includes arson. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on there being a witness. After catching up with the little girl, he finds his plans to kill her foiled by firefighters on the scene.

In an awkward turn of events, the officer is hailed as a hero in the community. In the aftermath, the officer is given the chance to keep working off his debt by pulling more arson jobs. Unfortunately, his possession of the silver coin makes finding peace more and more difficult. Keeping the silver coin will only bring him the end he deserves before it passes to someone even more deserving of its power and wrath.

The Story: I continue to be enamored and impressed with the storytelling in this series and this issue is no exception. Ayala captures a beautiful story in this issue and it is filled with great tension, characters and twists. The plot is great and has a wonderful sense of time, place and tone. I cannot wait to see where the Silver Coin lands next.

The Art: Walsh delivers some beautifully detailed and brilliantly styled visuals to this issue. There are some great character moments that convey emotion, danger and darkness through the imagery.

The Silver Coin #9



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