Home Sick Pilots #12

Image Comics

Written by Dan Watters

Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Colors by Caspar Wijngaard

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Ami fights to buy time for her friends to find the final ghost.

A battle lasting days has the world glued to its screens and on edge as the Haunted House goes up against the haunted robot. Ami purposely drags out the fight in order to give her friends time to track down and contain the final ghost the house needs. Rip and the others find themselves in a small town that has been abandoned, but the stench of death is everywhere and the house tells them that the ghost they’re looking for is close. Unfortunately, they’ll have to stop the town guard to get to it.

In the tunnels beneath the town, Buzz and Rip catch up but end up separated in a maze. Buzz finds himself confronting the ghost leading them and discovers the truth about what happened to both the town and the part of the house that is trapped there. At the same time, Rip is confronted by a familiar face who is on a mission to stop the guard and release the last ghost trapped in her own grief.

The Story: Watters delivers some beautiful and intense action and mystery in this issue. The bigger story continues to come into focus and it is engaging and fun to read. I love the character relationships throughout the issue and the plot delivers some great world building moments that keep me interested in the both the story and its evolution.

The Art: Wijngaard crafts some intense and beautifully detailed imagery throughout the issue. The action is visually thrilling and there are some great, intense moments.

Home Sick Pilots #12



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