Static Season One #1

DC Comics

Written by Vita Ayala

Art by Chriscross

Colors by Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: After an accident unlocks strange powers, Virgil must find a way to navigate his life and a series of new threats to his town.

A month ago police used an experimental gas on a group of protestors that had the side effect of mutating some while killing others. It also unlocked super powers for the survivors, including Virgil. Dealing with these circumstances has not been easy on him and it becomes even more difficult after an altercation with a school bully leads Virgil to unleash his powers in front of his friends. Feeling guilty over what he did, Virgil returns to school to try to get back to a normal life. Something easier said than done.

Things get infinitely more complicated as Virgil tries to control the power growing inside him. When Hotstreak seeks him out at home, things get even worse. Virgil is on the defensive trying to protect himself, reason with a powered up bully and protect his family. As he uses his smarts and skills to defend himself, the fight proves to be a threat to everyone and everything that he loves.

The Story: Ayala crafts a great coming of age story with some interesting and compelling introspective moments for Virgil. The story also deftly explores some real world themes in a way that makes the relevant to the events and characters of the series. The story is filled with thrilling, exciting and entertaining moments as Ayala explores Virgil’s journey. I also love the fact that there are elevated stakes for the character in the first issue.

The Art: Chriscross delivers some brilliant art throughout this issue. Not only are the visuals lively, but the action is fantastic. I love the hybrid manga style of the art and it works perfectly with the tone of the story and its characters.

Static Season One #1



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