Superman Red and Blue #4

DC Comics

Written by Mark Waid, Francis Manapul, Robert Venditti, Michael W Conrad and Rich Douek

Art by Audrey Mok, Francis Manapul, Alitha Martinez, Cully Hamner and Joe Quinones

Colors by Jordie Bellaire and Emilio Lopez

Letters by Dave Sharpe and Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Five new stories showcase the Man of Steel and his foes.


Mr. Mxyzptlk is fuming after being bested by Superman again and finds himself bored back in his own dimension until Superman arrives to give the imp a taste of his own medicine. Things get more difficult for Mxyzptlk when he does everything he can think of to get Superman to say his name backwards.

A fun short story that has a nice twist to it.

Prospect of Tomorrow

A rover mission is prevented by a dust storm on an unknown planet and Superman decides to go and help. After retrieving the lander, he discovers that he is not alone on the planet.

A great short story that brings Superman back together with one of his more intriguing rogues.

A Little is A Lot

A lesson from his father will showcase one of the core tenants that Superman lives and operates under. Great art from Alitha Martinez.

A sweet short story that speaks to the character and his values.

For the Man Who Has Nothing

Bizarro is in the midst of a celebration and the Justice League is there to help him celebrate. As he opens the gifts, he notices the mean spirited nature of them and gets more angry. Something that greatly amuses the creature responsible.

An interesting and well told short that has a very sweet ending.

#Saved by Superman

A young man making a viral video is rescued by Superman and the act becomes a new challenge putting countless young people at risk as Superman finds himself saving more wannabe viral sensations while also fighting his own enemies.

A great short story that speaks to a dark side of modern culture. Very thoughtful in its execution and message.

Superman Red and Blue #4



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