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From the appearance of the Enterprise-D to the Romulan supernova, Star Trek Picard wants to reassure fans that the timeline they’ve been enjoying since Star Trek The Next Generation premiered in 1987 is intact and all of the events that fans remember from the series and the films not only happened, but are connected and resonate with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.


Stewart returns as Picard and he has lost none of his resolve, gravitas and charisma. His performance is full of quiet reserve, but there is a glint in his eye when the prospect of adventure dawns on him with the introduction of a woman named Dahj. After her boyfriend is murdered and powers she never knew she had activate to protect her, Dahj has a vision of Picard and travels to France to find him. At the same time, Picard is dealing with dreams of the late Commander Data and the reason he left Starfleet in the first place.


All of these plot points merge when Picard discovers something about the young lady and her connection to the Android. A discovery that leads him to seek out information and a confrontation with more people out to kill Dahj. The confrontation has tragic results, but we learn that there is more to the story than we realize.


As a Trek fan from youth, it was gratifying to see this changed world of the Federation. The world has a tactile feel to it and the technology perfectly blends into the background allowing the character story to take center stage. The story itself brilliantly reaches its tendrils back to classic episodes and characters and is immediately engaging in making you care not only about Picard, but Dahj as well. I find myself conflicted with wanting to take it all in right away while also being excited that I have more to look forward to.

This is an awesome first episode that is filled with the promise of more action and emotion to come.

Star Trek Picard S01XE01




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