The first casualties of Marvel Studios’ ambitious foray into television are here and they are a little surprising.

According to Deadline and other sources, Marvel Studios and Disney have scrapped plans for animated series based on comic book characters Howard the Duck as well as an animated team up series that would bring mutant singer Dazzler and former Avenger Tigra together.

Both series were set to debut on HULU (which Disney has a controlling interest in) and originated in the now defunct Marvel Television division led by Jeph Loeb. With Kevin Feige coming on board to run that arm of the Marvel universe as well, he and his team have been evaluating the current Marvel slate of series.

The shows themselves were moving forward, but not smoothly for some. Tigra and Dazzler were in search of the new show runner before the news hit the series wasn’t moving forward. Loeb and comedian Chelsea Handler were executive producing the series.

Howard the Duck was being produced by writer/director Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Reboot) along with Dave Willis and Loeb. Smith took to Twitter to tells fans the news

The remaining two animated series M.O.D.O.K and Helstrom are currently in production.

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