Maestro #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by German Peralta and George Perez

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Banner will face the might of the Maestro one last time.

Banner’s rage brings him and his Dogs of War to the center of Hercules’ power in the city. After attacking the citizens and challenging Herc openly, the god obliges and delivers a stunning beating to his old Avenger cohort. It’s a brutal attack that Herc uses to remind Hulk that with Banner in control, they are both weaker.

In the aftermath of the fight between the two, Hulk decides to leave and explore the world he now finds himself in. When he returns, he asks for an audience with Hercules. An audience that Rick knows will not end well for the current Maestro. An audience that will set the tone for the new world Banner hopes to rule.

The Story: Peter David does something interesting with this part of the story. Rather than showing Banner take down Hercules using brute force, David showcases the limitations the smarter Hulk must face in a new and changed world. The story doesn’t take easy steps forward. There are twists and unexpected moments throughout and that is what makes it interesting. The fact that Rick has an inkling of what is to come is a perfect encapsulation of their friendship and their dynamic in the future.

The Art: German Peralta delivers some impressive art in this issue. The Hulk vs Hercules fights was visually exciting and there are some great dramatic moments brought to life with the art. The imagery is engaging and exciting. A great looking issue.

Maestro #4



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