The Scumbag #2

Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender

Art by Andrew Robinson

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Ernie goes on his first mission which just might be his last.

After the events of the previous day, Ernie tries to tell his “friends” what happened in the only way he knows how, badly. When a mysterious woman comes into the bar carrying a briefcase, she opens it up to show him more drugs than he could possibly take in a lifetime. After enlisting him on her mission, she proceeds to get him to use his new powers to locate her target.

As the pair close in, a couple of emissaries of Scorpionus arrive with an offer to a local representative. When they don’t get the answer they were expecting, they decide to not only enlist him in another way, but to prepare to detonate a bomb that will send a message to the people of the US. Unfortunately, the only person who might be able to stop them is Ernie.

The Story: The second issue of The Scumbag continues to be a funny, interesting riff on comic book tropes. The characters are dynamic and interesting. The conflicts are timely and handled in a way that is informative without being preachy. Rick Remender keeps the story energetic, weird and wild in ways that make you want to see what twists the story is about to take next.

The Art: Andrew Robinson does some brilliant, beautiful work with the art in this issue. Everything is perfectly exaggerated and outlandish giving the art a timeless, gritty feel to it. A great looking book.

The Scumbag #2



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