Lost In Space


Season 1 Episode 2

“Diamonds in the Sky”

The Jupiter 18 has crashed on the same planet as the Jupiter 2 and Don West has to work to get he and Doctor Smith off the bridge before it slides off the side of a mountain. Meanwhile, Maureen Robinson tries to learn more about the mysterious alien robot that has somehow attached itself to Will Robinson.


As Smith and West escape from the ship, Smith discovers some incriminating evidence that points to the fact that she is not who she claims to be. The Robot is helping to remove the moisture from the interior of the ship as  Judy deals with the trauma of being buried alive in ice for hours. John continues to be on edge around the Robot and is suspicious of its motives. The family drama continues as Maureen and John push Penny back and forth to complete repairs as everyone works to gt the ship running.


John and Maureen clash again and it still feels clunky, like a forced moment to let us know they aren’t getting along. After they leave, Penny discovers an incoming storm that is heading straight for them and she decides to go after her parents and Will with the Chariot. At the same time, Smith and Don find themselves in the path of the storm with another survivor and Smith decides to go for help, leaving Don behind to discover something sinister about the Doctor.

I continue to enjoy this series and this episode felt more like the second half of the premiere episode than its own episode. It seemed to function as a means of introducing Don West and Doctor Smith as well as show the events that led the Robot to the planet in the first place. Other than that, it was very well done. Everyone was great and the end cliffhanger was worth sticking around for.

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