Wolverine: The Long Night

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Season 1 Episode 7

“You’re Next”

In the last episode, we were introduced to Sherman, the brother of the only surviving witness to the brutal killings in Bern, Alaska. As we pick up the story, it seems like Sherman has more that he’s not telling the agents.

Meanwhile, the Aurora Cult has decided to up their presence in the town and signal to everyone that the Long Night is coming by stealing everyone’s light bulbs from their homes, even the ones in the fridge.

Agent Marshall decides to pay a visit to the local taxidermist to get some information about the bear Brent Langrock killed as well as some answers about how the Langrock’s operate in the town. He has an unexpected run in with Hudson Langrock, who is upset about the agent’s harassment of his father as well as their failure to find Logan. Agent Pierce strong arms the doctor into getting some answers about the drugs being trafficked through the town and she’s given a surprising name of one of the local addicts who was treated.


Pierce continues to search for clues about the area that the Langrock’s have purchased and gets a lesson in the local folklore, specifically about how those trees never get cut down. As she and Marshall meet up again, Logan comes back into the story via surveillance footage of him visiting Sherman in the hospital. The reason he’s there gives the listener some insight into Logan’s attitude and motives through flashbacks.

As the investigation broadens into one involving the Langrock’s and how they’re moving drugs through the town, Pierce comes upon another slaughter with some ominous words written in blood in the snow.

The mystery is getting deeper and the action is keeping pace with it, which I appreciate. Many of the threads that have started with this series are starting to come together and a clear picture is beginning to form. My only misgiving is that I want more Logan in this series. So far, the build to his presence has been fun, but it needs to start paying off in order to move the story forward to its conclusion.


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