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Season 1, Episode 6

You Look Kinda Dead

Official Description – Mark joins Williams and Amber on a campus visit to Upstate University, hoping to discover a new future for himself. Debbie makes her own disturbing discovery.

In the opener, the fallout from the clash with Machine Head’s crew is shown as three superheroes, including Mark, are critically injured. At the hospital, a wordless interaction between Nolan and Debbie reveal a change in their relationship. Later on, a conversation with Cecil, leaves Nolan on edge.

After Mark returns home, he decides to explore other options in life. He makes up with Amber and asks William if they can join him on a visit to Upstate University; where William’s love interest, Rick, attends. I really like Mark’s relationship with William. I think its awesome this series shows a solid friendship between straight and gay young men. This show does a great job with inclusion, without making it a focal point.

Once on campus, the friends soon encounter a deadly enemy and Mark dons the Invincible costume to save their lives. When Mark reappears after the encounter, Amber reacts negatively. And as there are later repercussions for him in their relationship, it makes me wonder how long Mark will be able to keep up his charade. William also makes a shocking discovery that changes the way he views his best friend.

Later, William and Rick are captured by D.A. Sinclair. Invincible comes to their rescue, but he is too late to prevent a tragedy. When Cecil appears, he notices the damage Mark has caused to the latest enemy and Mark feels regret for it. He also makes an interesting remark about the villain that leads me to believe Cecil has future plans for them.

Meanwhile, Debbie’s suspicion’s of her husband causes her to contact Art Rosenbaum. The two make a shocking discovery and Debbie is left reeling. When Nolan returns home, Debbie confronts him with her new intelligence and deep rift forms between them. I was left wondering how Debbie will fare with this new information considering Nolan’s temperament.

Elsewhere, Robot fights to save Monster Girl’s life. Robot’s commitment to Monster Girl’s well-being is very peculiar. The distinct knowledge of her physiology, along with several sentimental actions suggests a previous relationship between them. And while Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of a distraught Robot is endearing, it shows more humanity than should be possible for this character. I definitely want to know more about his backstory.

Also, Black Samson makes a surprising recovery and Robot checks up on a mysterious project. Eve argues with her parents after makes a decision that my change the course of her future. She later begins to thrive, but the question becomes: Will it last?

In the end credit scene, Matt makes another surprise appearance. I’ve got to wonder: Who is this kid? Since episode one, he and his step father have made several random appearances. Yet, they are not a part of the show as a whole. I’m very interested in what connection Matt and his family will have to the current or future cast.

Overall, this is another great episode. This episodes star studded cast also includes: Mark Hamill as Art, Jonathan Groff as Rick, and Ezra Miller as D.A. Sinclair. I am always impressed with the level of celebrity involved in this project. The high caliber of performance has a definite impact on the tone of the series. And I can’t wait for the next episode.

Invincible S01XE06



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