Season 1 Episode 5

Pain & Blood

While Morisuke protects Saki from the Daimyo’s attack on the Astral Plane, Yasuke confronts the masked Dark General, who reveals his true identity.

The Dark General and the forces of the Daimyo have gathered and are preparing to take the village in order to get Saki. Yasuke has a plan to fight back, but the Daimyo’s powers are great and she reaches out across the astral plane to attack Saki mentally.

At the same time, Yasuke confronts the Dark General and offers to settle things in the old way meaning one on one combat. A prospect the General agrees to before revealing his true identity. An identity that is familiar to Yasuke and directly connects to the events that led to the death of Nobunaga and the fall of the house he served. It’s a great scene that is filled with tension and culminates into both a great fight scene and an even more satisfying battle when Yasuke’s plan is revealed.

On the Astral Plane, Saki is trapped by the Daimyo and Morisuke fights to release her while holding off attacks from the creature. Unable to stop the creatures attacks on his own, Morisuke tells Saki that she needs to fight back. The scene is a little cliché and Saki is a little too annoying in it, but it’s effective in moving the story forward.

As the battle rages, there is a change in the General and Yasuke uses that to his advantage. As the two fight it out and the Daimyo’s reinforcements arrive, some unexpected allies show up to fight alongside Yasuke and the village militia. The scene is both beautiful and brutal in its animation and the incredibly fun to watch.

In the aftermath, everyone will discover that the fight is not over when a sneak attack surprises them all. As Yasuke and his allies go on the run, the Daimyo’s forces increase their attack. It’s another brutal scene that leads to a fight to escape. One that will lead Yasuke directly into the path of the Daimyo herself.

This episode has all the hallmarks of what makes this series so engaging and entertaining. There is great action, the characters are well written and the animation is gorgeous to look at. A great episode with an awesome cliffhanger ending.

Yasuke S01XE05



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