Teen Titans Academy #2

DC Comics

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Rafa Sandoval

Inks by Jordi Tarragona

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Red X makes another appearance and more secrets from the students are revealed.

It’s Field Day at Teen Titans Academy and while most of the students are working out and sparring with their classmates, Matt is alone playing a game to challenge himself. When Cyborg attempts to engage the young man, he learns more about Matt’s circumstances and how he came to the Academy. At the same time, Alinta pushes herself with her speed powers.

Dick is still rattled about the return of his Red X mask and who sent it to him. At the same time, things with Kory get rocky when the demands of Bludhaven and its connection to Barbara get in the way of what could be between them. When Dick discovers the new Red X stealing files from the academy, he and Donna go after him, but the Academy might have an even bigger problem heading their way.

The Story: The second issue of Teen Titans Academy is good. It sets up many of the conflicts to come for both the students and staff both internal and external. While I still don’t have a grasp of the the heart of this series, it does set up some interesting narrative places to go. I would love to feel more engaged with the new characters being introduced and hopefully that will happen as the series progresses.

The Art: Sandoval delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. The characters look great and there are some beautifully detailed moments to be had.

Teen Titans Academy #2



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