Cold Spots #5

Image Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Mark Torres

Letters by Simon Bowland

Grace’s powers reach their peak as the cold begins to spread.

Dan and Alyssa are trapped and can only witness their daughter being used to raise the dead coven from the grave in order to give their leader the power it wants. As the dead coalesce into a nightmarish being, Grace speaks for the first time and her voice tells everyone who is really in control of the dead.


After freeing her parents, the three race to escape as Grace turns the creature on the Quarrels. The escape is filled with tragedy and triumph and in the aftermath, Dan discovers a need within himself to care for his daughter. Unfortunately, their story is not over as the threat of Quarrel’s Island continues to linger, the menace of the girl’s grandfather continues to grow and the cold continues to spread.

Bunn has closed this chapter of the story extremely well. Not everything is clean and there he’s left open a world of possibilities for these characters and this world. I look forward to seeing where the story goes next and how it evolves with the foundation Bunn has laid with this series.

Torres’ art is sublime and scary in this issue. There are so many creepy expressions half hidden by shadow that everyone has a look of menace at some point. The ghosts continue to be haunting and creepy and even in lighter moments, there is still a sense of foreboding in the art.

Cold Spots #5




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