Domino #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer

Inks by Roberto Poggi

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Who comes out on top when two mutants with luck on their sides go after each other?


Domino and her crew are having a party on the Painted Lady and her guest Shoon’kwa has another job for them. After their last vampire filled adventure on the young general’s dime, Neena is reluctant to take another job. Her reluctance turns into refusal when she discovers what that job is.

Shoon’kwa tells the group of her ability to see the worst possible futures and her latest vision involves the destruction of hero and villain alike at the hands of Longshot. After Domino agrees to stop the mutant, they go looking for him. Unfortunately, he is not hard to find and with Mojo by his side, he sees everyone as an enemy. Domino is going to try and pit her skills against Longshot in a luck vs luck showdown guaranteed to be unlucky for one of them.

I continue to be enamored with this title because it keeps the focus on these dynamic characters and their bond. Even in the midst of the action and high stakes of this story, Gail Simone keeps the story character driven through Neena’s interactions with her team, Shoon’kwa and even Longshot. I’m interested in the circumstances that lead Longshot down this path, including the twist with Mojo revealed in this issue. The dialogue is fun and both the story and the characters continue to be engaging. I want to see where this latest challenge to Domino’s powers takes the character.

The art in the issue was amazing from both David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer. The changes in artistic styles was seamless and didn’t distract from the tone and pace of the story. Everything in the art complemented the story and elevated the action and beauty of the panels. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Domino #9




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