nop5idqyt2r82khdggxlBatman Universe #1

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: On his latest case, Batman is going to find that one of his most prolific enemies is afraid of something worse than the Dark Knight.

As a dinner party rages at Wayne Manor, Batman takes to the streets to solve the latest puzzle left to him by the Riddler. Alfred keeps him appraised of the situation as he makes his way to the location he determined from the clues and finds an army of Riddlers poised for a fight. A fight that will see the Dark Knight confronted with a new and dangerous foe.


With Riddler on the run, Batman goes after the source of the object poised to be stolen and its previous owner. An owner that will have a connection to a classic DC hero. When Batman tracks down Riddler again, he finds himself face to face with his paid protection and the last minute intervention of a new player in this game.

The Story: Bendis’ story for Batman is fine. There are enough interesting character moments to hold the interest of the reader. The overall mystery never really coalesces into anything that would compel me to read beyond this first issue. Bendis injects some humor that is hit or miss within the confines of a story that does a great job of building on itself, but doesn’t really deliver on what it’s building.

The Art: Nick Derington’s art  is fantastic. There is a point of view sequence in the beginning that is breathtaking and every page after that contains something special.

Batman universe #1




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