EVNTLEVI-Cv2Event Leviathan #2

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: Batman tracks down someone who can help him track and find Leviathan as the investigation into who the new player on the field continues.

Jason Todd is surprised by the presence of his former mentor as he surveils the aftermath of another Leviathan attack. Batman asks the former Robin what he sees as he proceeds to tell Jason everything he knows so far about the investigation into Leviathan, the principles involved, potential suspects and motives.


The tale includes the Question dealing with a former ARGUS operative sent to commit a murder as well as Plastic Man coming face to face with Leviathan himself as Batman’s investigators get closer to the truth. As the two continue to talk, Batman reveals that he and his team have a prime suspect in mind.

The Story: Brian Michael Bendis keeps the story moving brilliantly in this issue. Everything from the pacing to the tone of this issue is well done. Bendis builds on the tension of every moment up to the final reveal. The dynamic between Bruce and Jason is handled well and the interaction between Plastic Man and Leviathan is well written and full of dramatic tension. The story continues to be engaging and I want to see what twists and turns this story takes as it progresses.

The Art: Alex Maleev delivers some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. The art reflects the dark mood of this part of the story. Maleev creates some awesome panels and sequences in this issue.

Event Leviathan #2




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