Batman One Dark Knight #1

DC Comics

Written by Jock

Art by Jock

Colors by Jock

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Batman must protect a dangerous criminal who puts the city into darkness.

A dangerous prisoner named EMP is being moved from Arkham to Blackgate and Batman is taking no chances as the heat of the summer leaves the city sweltering and on edge. As the convoy heads to the prison, street gangs ramp up their presence and violence with the GCPD trying to keep them in check. As Gordon holds a ceremony for a woman whose new initiatives will change the face of law enforcement in the city, criminals move in to violently attack the convoy.

When the convoy is attacked, Batman swoops in to stop the criminals from killing everyone. IN the midst of the attack, EMP escapes. As Batman tracks down the dangerous criminal, the gangs of Gotham converge on the area to take him out as well. With everyone gunning for him, EMP finds himself being over powered by the electricity around him until everything goes dark. With the city dark and EMP captured, the real fight begins as Batman has to find a way to get the prisoner through the city on his own.

The Story: Jock delivers an exciting, tension filled story in this first issue. The tension throughout each moment as both the politics of the situation and Batman’s action blend beautifully together to deliver a great experience that keeps the reader engaged and interested in what could possibly happen next. I love the dark, gritty nature of the story and cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Jock delivers art that perfectly captures the dark, gritty nature of the story itself. The visuals are gorgeously detailed and there are brilliant uses of shadow throughout.

Batman One Dark Knight #1



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