Justice League Incarnate #2

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver

Art by Kyle Hotz, Andrei Bressan, Paul Pelletier and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The League attempts to protect their base from Darkseid’s forces while tracking the tear in the multiverse.

Darkseid’s forces are attacking the House of Heroes in order to take the technology inside it. Orion joins the fight to turn back Kalibak and the others in order to use the Hall itself as a weapon against his father. In order to keep the tech from Darkseid, Orion proposes a dangerous plan to move the base. After some debate, the team agrees and begins the plans to move the base and purge the parademons from it at the same time.

On Earth-13, the other members of Justice League Incarnate have tracked Darkseid to a dark world. A world where magic and the supernatural are the norm. After finding themselves among other heroes, the team relaxes a little. After finding a new team of potential allies, the League continues their quest to find both Darkseid and the missing Barry Allen. As the team look for the crack in the multiverse, they find themselves transported into the middle of a war of gods.

The Story: Williamson and Culver craft an interesting story for these characters and what makes it interesting is the divergent characters of the multiverse itself. Seeing new and unusual takes on certain characters is a charming way to showcase the multiverse and the Earth-13 moments are really fun and visually engaging. The rest of the story is good, but Thomas Wayne has a point about the team constantly being on the run. It definitely speaks to what I’m feeling as a reader.

The Art: All of the artist bring some interesting and entertaining visuals to the issue. There are some great visual moments to be found and the adventure is brilliantly captured in the imagery.

Justice League Incarnate #2



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