Batman Curse of the White Knight #8

DC Comics/ DC Black Label

Written by Sean Gordon Murphy

Art by Sean Gordon Murphy

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Bruce will make the ultimate sacrifice to bring down Jean Paul and save the city of Gotham.

Batman knows that he will have to do something dramatic if he has any chance of stopping Jean Paul Valley. As the rest of the GTO takes to the streets to track down the armored Batman, Bruce prepares to end this fight one way or the other. After finding Jean Paul, Batman decides to break his first rule to bring him down. A decision that will put him at odds with Dick.


With a renewed sense of purpose, Batman heads back out in order stop Jean Paul’s final plan for the city at the Gotham reservoir. A fight that will change everything for the Dark Knight, his allies and Gotham City.

The Story: Sean Gordon Murphy brings this story to a stunning and bittersweet conclusion as Batman comes to terms with his legacy and that of his family. The writing is fantastic and some of the best moments are the ones between Bruce and Dick where the legacy of what he’s done for the man and the feelings they have for each other come through. What makes this issue even more interesting is how it ends and what the ramifications of the finale will mean for the world of these characters and the future of Bruce Wayne.

The Art: Murphy delivers some beautiful art throughout this finale and the emphasis on the characters and their journeys gives the art a grounded, human feeling with characters filled with emotion.

Batman Curse of the White Knight #8




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