Force Works 2020 #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Juanan Ramirez and Roberto Di Salvo

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Force Works has been captured by an army of Deathloks who need them for parts to fight an even bigger threat.


The team has been captured and are being taken to pens which hold some of the remaining human soldiers who shot their plane out of the sky. After getting everyone to their feet, the Deathloks return to take a new prisoner for “parts”. When Rhodey steps in, the cyborgs decide to take him instead.

When the creature that the Deathloks are locked in combat with arrives, all hell breaks loose and this gives Force Works the time they need to work towards getting Rhodey back before he’s turned into another undead soldier. Fortunately for War Machine, help arrives from an unlikely and unusual place.

The Story: Matthew Rosenberg brings action, thrills and surprises to this issue. The characters and plot are well written and the story is fun to read. These characters are an interesting mix of personalities and Rosenberg does a great job of bringing out those personalities in the dialogue and plot. The reveal of the threat to the island is a pleasant surprise and I continued to be engaged right up to the ending where I became intrigued with the direction the story was going.

The Art: Ramirez and Di Salvo deliver some great art throughout this issue. From the action to the characters, everything looked great and engaged the reader with gorgeous details and dynamic action.

Force Works 2020 #2




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