Batman Curse of the White Knight #6

DC Comics/ DC Black Label

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Azrael and Joker take the fight back to where it all began and Batman learns the real truth about his family.


Azrael breaks into New Arkham to rescue Joker and he and his forces leave a bloody trail throughout the facility. With Joker on the loose, Batman brings Harley and the twins home before heading to the GTO. Knowing that there are still questions to ask, Bruce seeks out Jason Blood who tells him the truth about his relationship with Jean Paul and how the order handled the violent man before he came back to Gotham. He stops short of telling Bruce more, but reveals that there is more to the story than the Dark Knight realizes.

With the city in turmoil, Batman discovers that Joker has attacked Harley and taken their children back to Arkham for a final confrontation. When Batman and Harley arrive, Harley will have a final confrontation with both Jack and Joker while Batman learns the truth about his family’s legacy.

The Story: Sean Murphy brings this story to a beautifully dramatic crescendo with one revelation after another enhancing the story while the reader moves along with its breakneck momentum. Equally dramatic and tragic, this issue fulfills the promise of everything that’s been building since White Knight. There are some great character moments throughout this issue and as much as the Batman revelations are well done, the Harley/Joker conflict is brilliantly done and brought to a satisfying conclusion.

The Art: Murphy brings the same beauty and brilliance to the art which has a poetic symmetry that complements the story. The angles Murphy uses to enhance the drama as well as the contrasting grays and reds throughout add an awesome tone to each page.

Batman Curse of the White Knight#6




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