BMSM_Cv6_varBatman Superman #6

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by David Marquez

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: After their encounter with the infected, Batman and Superman develop a new plan for how they move forward. Unfortunately, they still have to deal with a very angry Wonder Woman.


Batman and Superman have Gordon captured and restrained, but the rest of the infected are in the wind. With Donna Troy being one of them, both heroes know that they need to talk to Diana before their next move and they begin searching for their teammate who has turned off her Justice League comm.

When they find her immersed in battle, they join in with the realization that this fight is more about her working out her rage than stopping an actual threat. When she finally confronts the pair, they realize that they’ve been playing by the Batman Who Laughs rules and it is costing them more than they realize.

At the same time, two of the World’s Finest’s greatest foes prepare to clash over something that could change everything for the Man of Steel.

The Story: An interesting continuation of the story with some fun moments throughout. I like the moments with Commissioner Gordon the best and his ominous warnings to the duo. That being said, there were so many moments in the issue that were worthy of a more expansive narrative. The moment with Diana could have filled the whole issue if Williamson chose to and the Commissioner Gordon moments could have been expanded on as well. I do enjoy the direction the characters are taking things and look forward to seeing what that looks like in the future.

The Art: Marquez has some wonderfully dramatic art throughout this issue. The art does a great job of emphasizing the characters through their expressions, especially the moments with Diana.


Batman Superman #6




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