large-4856120Batman Curse of the White Knight #2

DC Comics/ DC Black Label

Written by Sean Murphy

Art by Sean Murphy

Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: The betrayal and schemes at the heart of Gotham’s founding are explored and Joker begins to tear Batman’s world apart.


Batman Curse of the White Knight 2 Page 4

Edmond Wayne is taken under the wing of a representative of the Order of St. Dumas as the pair make a violent escape to a waiting ship. As they travel to the new world, Edmond is trained in the arts that will help him wrest control of Gotham from the clutches of Laffy Arkham. All Edmond’s new benefactor wants in return is something the lord is hesitant to give up.

In the present, Joker begins the next part of his plan and the legacy of his time as Napier brings an unexpected visitor to Bruce Wayne’s door. A visitor who knows everything about the billionaire playboy and his alter ego and leaves him with a warning about what will happen if he chooses to reveal the truth about himself. Elsewhere, Gordon is told the truth about his daughter and Jean Paul takes the fight to Wayne Manor.

The Story: Sean Murphy continues to deconstruct both Batman and Gotham City with a new mythology that is both interesting and engaging. There are some great character moments throughout this issue and the confrontations between characters make for some rich drama. The stakes for Bruce are high and the story ends with some big action that is both intense and exciting.

The Art: Murphy’s style is fantastic with the art. All of the small details in the characters and their design catch the eye and draw in the reader. A great looking issue.

Batman Curse of the White Knight #2




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