Voyage to the Stars #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Ryan Copple and James Asmus

Art by Connie Daidone

Colors by Reggie Graham

Letters by Justin Birch

The Rundown: A band of intergalactic misfits must find a way to save the Earth from a powerful cosmic force.


The Earth has been consumed by a force called the Nothing and a misfit crew might be the only hope the planet has. After finding themselves on an alien planet in search of answers, the crew finds an sleeping artificial being designed to stop the Nothing.

After bringing the being on board and despite the objections of the obviously jealous Captain, they bring him to life. After discovering what he’s designed to do and contacting his allies, a mishap will bring the crew face to face with a potentially hostile fleet.

The Story: Ryan Copple and James Asmus do an excellent job capturing the tone and humor of the podcast with this first issue. There are a lot of funny moments throughout and some that were laugh out loud. I enjoyed the character interactions the most and the madcap energy of the plot and the premise. There weren’t a lot of surprises about where the story was going, but it was fun to read and sets up some interesting stakes for the characters in the future.

The Art: Connie Daidone does a great job of matching the tone of the story with the art. There is a fun energy to the panels and that energy helps to enhance and elevate the story as it progresses.

Voyage to the Stars #1




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