Transformers #10

IDW Publishing

Written by Brian Ruckley

Art by Angel Hernandez, Anna Malkova and Beth McGuire-Smith

Colors by Joana Lafuente and Josh Burcham

Letters by Tom B. Long

The Rundown: After the escalating violence gets the attention of the populace, Megatron must work on damage control while Orion Pax and the Autobots prepare for Prime’s return.

After the most recent acts of violence, Bumblebee and the rest of the security forces guarding Megatron find themselves in the middle of growing unrest among the populace. Unrest that leads to a violent exchange during a peaceful protest. Froid attempts to help Cyclonus with his personal demons as Orion and the rest of the senate meet to discuss solutions.

The violent clash allows Megatron to escape and masks his clandestine meeting with Shockwave. A meeting that reveals that he knows more about the events than Megatron. Prowl finds his investigation hampered by Soundwave and Sentinel Prime returns to Cybertron.

The Story: The political intrigue aside, there’s not much interesting happening in this issue as a whole. All of the plot threads discussed could have been more compelling if they were explored more deeply, but the issue bogged down those plot points with dialogue that felt like a procedural drama that wasn’t particularly interesting. Brian Ruckley has done some great build up regarding the socio-political unrest on Cybertron. Now is the the time to have that build up mean something to both the characters and the reader.

The Art: Angel Hernandez, Anna Malkova and Beth McGuire-Smith deliver some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. They need the story to evolve into something they can build on with the art.

Transformers #10




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