sea-of-stars-2_72e818855bSea of Stars #2

Image Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum

Art by Stephen Green

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Jared K. Fletcher

The Rundown: Gil is on a desperate hunt across the stars for his son and a chance encounter might be his best chance in finding him.

Gil is doing everything he can to find his missing son and that means fighting his way through alien hordes to get there. His fight to get out of the literal belly of the beast has left his suit damaged and his life support falling faster than his boosters. It’s going to take a miracle for him to reach his son and that miracle comes in the form of a derelict ship that still has working systems, but a dangerous secret inside.


At the same time, Kadyn is finding that his new circumstances are not that bad as he freely flies through space without the aid of his suit. His new companions follow him curious about how a human has attained this power and a mysterious stranger watches from the darkness.

The Story: Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum nail it on the tone and pace of this story. What’s even more important, they nail the drive of a father to find his son. The story is filled with heart, emotion and a sense of realism that the fantastical elements of the environment enhance. You feel for Gil as he fights to find his son and the writer’s give enough back story to make you appreciate the sacrifices Gil is willing to take to rescue Kadyn.

The Art: Stephen Green’s art is beautiful and powerful. I love all of the space scenes for their impressive details as well as the beauty of the characters and creatures Green brings to life.

Sea of Stars #2




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