RS20190707011AConnerRed Sonja Volume 5 #7

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Bob Q

Colors by Dearbhla Kelly and Bob Q

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Sonja recalls moments from her past that will help her with her next encounter with the emperor and his forces.

Having rejected his offer for marriage, Sonja and the Emperor prepare for their next meeting on the battlefield. As Dragan moves his forces across the field, killing his hostages along the way, Sonja and her forces come up with a unique strategy to take the enemy by surprise.


While the raid is successful in rescuing the hostages and crippling Dragan’s forces, the man himself manages to escape and Sonja’s war council must come up with a new plan to take the ruler down while also contemplating that removing him might not be the end. A prophetic prediction that comes to life when the Prince sends more forces to aid his father in battle.

The Story: A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging continuation of this arc. Mark Russell continues to create an interesting evolution for Sonja as a character and it is gratifying to see her strategic side showcased in this issue. I also like the Russell is not afraid to inject humor into the story. There are some really funny moments in this story and the final pages bring home the dark humor.  I enjoy this story overall and I can’t wait to see it grow and evolve to the final confrontation between Dragan and Sonja.

The Art: Bob Q does some tremendous work with the art in this issue. Everything is full of vibrant detail and fluidity of movement.

Red Sonja Vol 5 #7




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