Torrent #2

Image Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Keith Wood

The Rundown: Cracker Jack goes all out to save her son and will sacrifice everything to do it.

With her husband dead and her son kidnapped, Michelle Metcalf knows she can’t go to the police without revealing her secret identity. Instead, she pays a visit to the world’s best superhero team and its leader Captain Criterion for help in rescuing her son from Skelton. Unfortunately, he is reluctant to help without evidence.

Taking the matter into her own hands, she suits up and begins an assault on the building only to discover a secret Skelton has been hiding. When the other heroes arrive to finally help her an rescue her son, Michelle makes a fateful decision that will change her life forever.

The Story: Guggenheim crafts a thrilling story in this issue and does not pull punches either on the action or the emotional weight of the events happening to the main character. Not only is there great action and drama throughout the story, but the tension is great and ramped up by the narration from Michelle as she tries to go to her fellow heroes for help and learns more about the man she’s facing. I was also stunned by the final moments of the issue and what they will mean for her going forward.

The Art: Greenwood ramps up the action with the art in this issue and it’s brilliantly brutal and detailed. I love the imagery throughout and the visuals catch the eye on every page.

Torrent #2



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