Titans United #3

DC Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Jose Luis

Inks by Jonas Trindade

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Carlos M Mangual

The Rundown: Conner fights for his life and the Titans hunt for more clues.

Conner has been captured by Blackfire and as her ship rockets away from the planet. At the same time, his fellow Titans continue to track the assassin Lady Vic. As a small team moves in to intercept her, her henchmen begin to transform using Beast Boy’s powers. As the team fights, Nightwing monitors the mission and how things go sideways when Lady Vic takes off and Jason finds himself bring dragged behind her private jet. As the team works to stop her, Conner fights for his life on board Blackfire’s ship.

After taking over Lady Vic’s plane, the villain escapes and leaves more questions. Nightwing is able to determine how her guards began to transform as well as where the signal is coming from. As the team gathers to find more answers, Conner finds himself at the mercy of Blackfire.

The Story: Scott crafts a good story that does a great job of showcasing the tenuous and often strained team dynamics between the Titans. Adding Blackfire to the mix is a great narrative touch and the mystery is intriguing. I like many of the humorous elements of the plot and the action was really fun.

The Art: Jose Luis delivers some impressive visuals throughout the issue. The art is beautifully detailed across every page.

Titans United #3



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