DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 7

Bruce Wayne

In the aftermath of Jason’s rescue, the team manages to rescue Conner but Dick’s secret and the cracks within the team threaten to tear everyone apart.


The title of this episode is Bruce Wayne and that means the return of Iain Glen in the role. He’s been absent from the series since the first two episodes and his “presence” in this one is required for Dick to work through his personal issues both with himself and with the team. When Dick decides to go after Slade himself, Bruce tags along as the personification of his doubts and his conscience. It’s an interesting use of the character as a means of pushing Dick emotionally. Unfortunately, as the episode progresses, Bruce’s presence becomes increasingly annoying to the point of parody. Even Dick’s reveal at the end of the episode loses its impact because of the meandering journey to get to it.


At the same time, the former Titans are finding things in the tower that affect them emotionally. Items designed to keep them off balance and at each other’s throats and the target of their ire is Jason Todd. Unwilling to defend himself because he is dealing with the trauma of almost dying, the team continues to fracture with both old and new members looking for someone to blame. The cause couldn’t be more obvious and it’s becoming frustrating that no one has considered it from the beginning.


A side story with Conner fighting for his life, Eve Watson’s desperate attempt to find him and Raven and Starfire taking desperate and dangerous steps to cure him are all story elements and moments that are much more interesting than the bulk of this episode.


Titans S02XE07




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