Thor #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo

Letters by Joe Sabino

As a mystery prisoner is being moved through Hel, Thor and company have their own issues to deal with. After being reunited with his brother Baldur, Thor, Loki and Skurge encounter the new dangers in the land of the dead. They need to find a way to hide from the Queen of Cinders before she discovers their location.

Sindr is consolidating power by bringing together the tribal chieftains under her banner and is promising both pain to those who defy her and destruction to those who stand with her. As Baldur and his group plan and plot to stop Sindr, there is suspicion leveled against Loki’s presence. A suspicion that he has rightly earned and I am glad that it is explored in that moment. It’s a great scene that shows Thor can be practical and pragmatic without losing his menace towards Loki.

When they get wind of a new weapon that Sindr will use to turn the tide of the war, Thor and company decide to go after it. This leads to another great moment between Thor and Loki as the trickster tries to give his brother some advice. Advice Thor might have wished he had taken when he realizes what he has unleashed.

All of the buildup in this issue definitely pays off in the end. There are moments throughout the story when I got the sense that this is where it was going, but it didn’t diminish my ability to be entertained by the final reveal. I’m interested to see where this story goes next.

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