Multiple Man #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Andy MacDonald

Colors by Tamara Bonvillain

Letters by Travis Lanham

The New Mutants have made their way to a secret lab and once they make their way inside, they discover a dying Jamie Madrox aka The Multiple Man.

They bring him to Beast in order to find a way to help the missing X-Man. Also they want answers as to how he is still alive after being exposed to Terrigen Mists and presumed dead along with all of his multiples. Everyone seems to want answers and more mysteries seem to be forming as we discover that this is one of Jamie’s dupes. As the Dupe of Jamie makes his way through the mansion, he asks Illyana where he might be able to find someone that can travel through time. When he finds Bishop in the mansion, he takes an unorthodox step in asking him for help.

As Beast continues to work on a cure for Jamie, the man himself teleports into Beast’s lab and is confronted by himself. As the two of them duke it out, one absorbs the other as Bishop walks in pissed at what Jamie did in order to travel through time. Everything gets really weird after that when a group of familiar looking intruders show up and attack the X-Men looking for Madrox. It gets even weirder when they actually reveal who they are.

The best thing I can say about this first issue is that I didn’t see any of this coming. It’s a strange and unique story told with some equally strange and unique twists so that, as a reader, you’re caught off guard and confused moment to moment. This isn’t a bad thing in this book. It allows the reader to start asking some questions and it definitely peaked my interest to see what happens next and that is the point of a first issue. This issue was wild and unpredictable and I hope it’s a trend that continues as the series progresses.

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